A fully loaded Pizza

A fully loaded pizza
64 / 100

A fully loaded Pizza

A decade outside the turn of the millennium. A turn of the century, a thousand years after the first thousand years of recorded human history. Humans have accelerated their productivity, their output and made unimaginable strides towards global cohesion. A handful of revolutions later- Agricultural, Industrial, Technological, and Informational we sit at the brink of Intellectual revolution. More accurate- the Artificial Intelligence revolution. We have abolished slavery….well evolved slavery to a point where it is out of sight. For all our progress, the liberal media does gloss over some stories to help heighten our sense of progress. Indeed it also highlights stories that help perpetuate the narrative that it sees fit to display. This next story revisits an issue that is no longer that popular. Racial equality activists have been replaced with LGBTQ activists and activism itself has moved from furthering the very fabric of society to spruiking the dominant culture’s lifestyle choices. #controversialopinion

This anecdote that I am about to weave for your reading pleasure wishes to shatter the rose-tinted glasses we see the world through. For all our progress we haven’t crawled that far away from our ancestral primal apes. For when night falls and the booze flows, our true selves are sure to shine through. Like vampires who shun the light of day, our true prejudices are only lurking beneath the surface. In polite company, it is not spoken off but enter a hive of like-minded egos and the truth does prevail.

Let’s introduce the characters of this story. A set of archetypes that have yet to shed their teenage years. The usual assortment of misfits in a backyard with a carton of trendy piss dubbed beer in flavors connoisseurs tell you to appreciate. Hoppy this, floral that but really all we are buying into is marketing hype that is selling us the sugars in grains that ought to have been shipped off to the third world to feed the hungry. Not that I am complaining. I just find it a little hypocritical that a quarter of the planet gets to indulge in excess while the majority of it is exploited to support said excess. As part of the select few that get to escape morbid poverty, I consider the transgressions I am about to share with you trival.

So I suppose at this stage the scene is set. Young bucks too young for a bucks night but old enough to legally access the local suburban liquor store. There was banter, there was laughter, there was music loud enough to make your ears bleed in genres that only make sense to angsty teens.

So fast forward to the part of the night, we will inaccurately refer to as munchies (the lack of reefer contributes greatly to the accuracy of the inaccurate use of munchies here). Cheese and unrecognizable meats ontop a celiac’s nightmare. The cravings conjured by cornerstone piss leads us on a journey down the road, a rather literal journey. These were the days when a full-sized ‘premium’ pizza could be had for $9.95 and the easiest way to lock that price in was to simply rock up with firsts full of cash… or coins as the case may be.

(To be Continued…Finished.)

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Borking Pupper

64 / 100

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