A Walk in the Park

72 / 100

This is a park. A Walk in the Park

This is writing so the thumbnail on the main page looks more clickable. Like there is actual content within worth viewing. There isn’t. Don’t be fooled by this post preview. Gothenburg editor is pretty swish ain’t it? And it turns out I need more words in this section to hide the next heading from appearing. Why on earth can I not override this post by post?

Go home WordPress. You’re drunk… After all that I found the custom expert button so all the above text is moot. woot. I did have to put the effort into writing it so Imma leave it up there.

Park Gallery

Deep pretentious caption about blue skies and green grass.

Look at it. It’s got green grass and shit.

Wait there is more…

Next we have a railing.
Brilliant shit if you ever feel dizzy and need to lean on something. Pretty useless at most other times. Can also be used for loitering. Marvel at the shadows on the ground if you want. If that’s your jam you are going to love the next one. boobz

Brown Bark

This is bark. It is brown. Ya feel?


This one is pretty spesh. Fuckin’ Ant chillin on the road. Go home ant. There are cars here.

A walk in park

In case the above video doesn’t embed properly: https://youtu.be/a62KZnGqZz4
72 / 100

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