About eBanter9

An Introduction: About eBanter9

They tell me in order to make Bantaa91 succeed I needed to make content that is easily digestible. Make it fun and quirky. Unfortunately, fun and quirky content does not come easily.

The bantaa91 platform got stale and the exploration of ideas and ideologies came to a halt. Just because one story has been told, dealt with, and subsequently forgotten does not mean that there are no more stories to tell. Creators, writers, storytellers are becoming rarer and rarer a breed as humanity moves towards easily digestible information. No one wants to eat celery sticks anymore but will happily guzzle down fiber supplements to compensate. The same can be said for general media. Wholegrain content that takes a bit to digest is ignored but a formulaic “quick life hacks” video gets millions of hits.

This next chapter-

The natural evolution of the bantaa project is one that feeds the need for “artistic” expression. Or at least the continuation of firsthand accounts, and while my own writing style combines the quirkiness of Rowling’s Harry Potter series with the convoluted difficulty of Conrad’s heart of darkness- continuous prose serves many purposes. Even if that purpose is as self-indulgent as self-actualization.

A publication from a straight C English student just plain should not work. No training, no writing conventions, no expectations. Only a keyboard and a haphazardly put-together web presence.

Human interest pieces that dance around the truth are faux pas. Bantaa91 may have accrued a readership of unknown origin but it was a readership that indeed did begin and grow. Trees don’t grow overnight but take weeks, months and years. After a forest fire, new shoots do appear and promise to grow back into a forest from the ashes that remain. I’m sure that there are studies that show that these new forests are in some way better than the ones lost to time.

For eBanter9 (previously bantaa91) to flourish as a new forest would, it indeed needs to shed its old roots. To start afresh, with no attachment to the past is a dream that few can pursue.  Much like the difficult 3rd album most artists have to produce- a more serious tone is very hit or miss. Old fans are shed and new ones are acquired. Or maybe growth is experienced across the board from readers and writers alike. If we were ever in-tune I am sure you will find us again.

After all what is the point of written prose if it cannot be shared?

So with preamble out of the way- let us begin.

What should the first story be?