SaaS not as simple as an App

With the release of flutter, it has finally become accessible for power-users whom have had a little experience with CSS and basic CMS’s to create a fully fledged- multi-platform application. That is not to say the learning curve into software development is still not as steep as it was before but the barriers to entry that had previously existed are no longer as financially crippling.

To create, manage and grow a SaaS is not as easy as it looks on the outside. There are still many things to consider outside of just building and deploying an application with a serverless provider. These considerations are as follows:

  1. Documentation
  2. Ticketing
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Feedback and on-going support


A successful Software Service in the post 2020 world is no longer about just the software. It must enable its users utility that not only saves time, money and effort for previously manual tasks but also offer growth prospects beyond the functionality of the application.

The acronym is evolving from Software as a Service to Software supported services. The hurdles that come with that change require the software itself to be well documented, extendable and offer interconnectivity. Much as you would expect from a wholesale supplier yet far greater than your local go-to hairdresser. The balance needs to be struck in such a way that the human element is the centre and focus of the entire experience.

For this documentation that outlines every element and function of the application is the first element that needs to be tackled. A client should be able to navigate and utilize a software package with no intervention from the developers or support staff.

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