The absurdity of the modern obsession with gender fluidity.

The absurdity of the modern obsession with gender fluidity.
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Now here is a topic I most probably am not allowed to comment on but… this is the internet and I am entitled, so I am going to do it anyway. Hopefully with enough words to meet that 600 word requirement to make this SEO worthy.

Let’s start with the analogy that the loosely connected synapses in my noggin just came up with, that felt a little inspired but once written out will probably not have the same effect. The modern-day obsession with gender (sparked by some Facebook post I forgot to screenshot) seems a lot like discrimination against dinner time preferences. Where is this going you might think, but hear me out because even after putting this into words it seems like good content.

So. Let us begin:

MAN 1 Person 1: I like hotdogs

Person 2: I like sausages

Person 3: I like steak

Person 4: I like lettuce

Now whilst the 4 people with their proclamations of love for different foods seem mundane and pedestrian. There is really no reason for a sausage lover to show ill will towards a hotdog person because his sausage obsession is purer than a ‘hotdog person’s’ preference for said hot dogs.

Likewise- Steak person can’t really come along with a vengeful disregard for the wellbeing of sausage and hotdog people either.

Then there is ‘lettuce diner’ who doesn’t even have a stake (see what I did there?) in the protein dominant dinner preference analogy who can hold no real sense of superiority over steak, sausage and hotdog people.

Yet humanity being human can see the very benign differences between the 4 different items above. Hotdogs are indeed different from sausages, and steak has been around much longer than commercially available processed meats- so surely that must be better? Then there is lettuce person who has a point- in that meat is not very sustainable so we should probably go further to the source of energy and skip the bioaccumulation factors inherent in raising an animal only to sear it on a pan or shove it in a tube.

Hotdog person might just enjoy hotdogs because it reminds him of all those carnivals he went to as a kid. Sausage person might have come to sausage preference from the slightly more gamey flavor of his favorite butcher’s concoction of offcuts, and the steak guy person might just enjoy the years and years of perfection that comes from a steak being seared just right.

We should also take into account that just because 1 through to 4 don’t like the exact same thing, doesn’t mean they are restricted to eat the same food. Hotdog guy might gag at lettuce and steak guy might hate hotdogs with a passion and vow to never eat meat he can’t see but other than preference there is nothing limiting each to their own one preference.

Now don’t read too much into the 4 foods I have chosen to use in this analogy. They were just the first that popped into my head. They have no correlation to anything to do with gender or gender preferences (or maybe they do in a Freudian sense that I am not aware of). The point here is that all of the above is more or less the same. They achieve the same outcome. An enjoyable dinner for each individual. None of the preferences above impede on any of the others in any significant way. By the same token, I cannot see how all 4 of them cannot share the same dinner table. I’m sure mash potato and peas could be the perfect complimentary side dishes to all of the above.

except you hotdog guy…

You’re a bit weird.

50 / 100

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